The registration of a consumer in a credit protection agency, generated by an error on the part of the person registering, in addition to the declaration that the debt cannot be collected, characterizes an illicit and generated obligation to repair the moral damage, that is, financial compensation, in the case no need to prove the damage, the simple fact of the negation, totally undermines the name of the author in the market, he gets a reputation as a “bad payer”, he is denied loans, financing, checks and many times job opportunities.

There are several situations that lead to undue negation in addition to the bill/slips paid, I cite as examples unsolicited services and products (stores, telephony, banking, credit card, financing, loans, water, energy).

The company must take all the necessary measures to avoid these inconveniences to the consumer and in the event of fraud, Justice is peaceful in the sense that this is in the theory of the professional risk of the company’s activity, therefore it cannot exempt itself from its responsibility.

Prove it with the negation research and proof of payment, if applicable, in the case of no hiring, in the judicial sphere it is the responsibility of the company to prove the legality of the registration, then immediately seek a lawyer of your trust for further clarification and later procedures.

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Author: Luis Albert, Lawyer specializing in Consumer Law.


Instagram:  @luisalbertadv Consumer Law – Manaus

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