Brasília – A civil police officer is suspected of shooting a military police officer to death early this Monday, 04/15, in a crowded nightclub in Brasília. The crime took place at the Barril 66 nightclub on the banks of Estrada Parque Núcleo Bandeirante (EPNB), in Águas Claras, in the Federal District. A woman was also injured in the leg and was taken to the DF Base Hospital (HBDF). There is still no information about her health status.

The shooting took place around 3 am. Security footage shows that military police officer Herison Oliveira Bezerra passes in front of the civil police officer, whose name has not been released. They bump into each other and draw weapons. The civilian then fires three shots at the soldier’s chest, who falls to the ground. According to witnesses, the police had already argued.

Check out the video: blKUS1v7OUaRTtFYg6PnMNk7Sd7tawHs64G3jZnUeXCoD9BZqSneEwUqfm83TosQTSjBXSeX6qVNicUeWgq1SIRJV0iPazLCV

The Military Police of the DF reports that the civil police officer tried to flee, but was arrested by a PM garrison. He assumed the crime and was taken to the 21st DP (Taguatinga Sul), responsible for investigating the case. The PM was rescued at the Taguatinga Regional Hospital (HRT), but could not resist. 

PM’s first lieutenant Herison de Oliveira Bezerra leaves his wife and teenage son  – Reproduction/ Facebook

Herison Oliveira Bezerra leaves a wife, who witnessed his death, and a teenage son.

The civil police officer was being heard by the corporation’s Internal Affairs at the time of publication of this text.

The PM’s wife posted on her Facebook account about her husband’s burial

Source: The Day


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